National Business Brokerage Training Course


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Help the richest generation on the planet retire by selling their businesses!

Are you missing a prime opportunity? 55 million baby boomers will retire in the next 12 years.  Who are they going to turn to in order to sell their business?  What about those people who want to live the American dream and buy a business?  Business Brokerage offers these sellers and buyers professional representation and an opportunity for you to create a new and growing revenue stream for yourself.

Real estate licensees in 16 states are also able to function as business brokers, but to protect yourself, serve your clients, and generate more business, you need the right training. The role of a business broker demands a full complement of well-honed analytical, marketing, sales, and negotiation skills. This premier training course will teach you everything you need to get started – and succeed – in this growing field.

Understanding the Industry
You may already know real estate and with this course you will understand the additional steps required to be successful as a business broker.  For starters, learn how to find and qualify bona fide prospects, write a business purchase agreement, and successfully close on a business brokerage sale.

Valuing, Listing, and Marketing a Business
You’ll learn to gauge the risk factors of any business, as well as multiple ways of determining its value. Learn the preliminary steps to take before you get a client, including how to sell yourself to the seller. We’ll also take you through the whole process of listing a business, marketing the opportunity in addition to the property, finding buyers, and having the right team on board – lawyers, CPAs, etc. – to ensure a smooth deal for all.

A Fantastic Investment in Your Career
Business brokerage is a specialized skill set. Not just anyone can do it – or teach this comprehensive in-depth training. Kaplan is offering this complete 30-hour course in our convenient OnDemand format with textbook support.  It’s online and archived, so you can go back and review your classes at your convenience.  More importantly, you’ll gain the confidence and know-how you need to tap into this exciting, new, and growing revenue stream.

Topics Include:

  • About the Industry
  • Setting Up Your Office
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Finding Sellers
  • Valuing a Business
  • The Listing Process
  • Marketing the Business Opportunity
  • Finding Buyers
  • Financing the Business
  • Purchasing the Business