Experience Design History’s $1.2M Trip: Detroit Castle!

Experience Design History’s $1.2M Trip: Detroit Castle!

Experience Design History, or EDH, is an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of design and architecture. In 2020, they launched a major project – a $1.2 million renovation of Detroit’s historic Castle estate. The goal was to transform the 19th-century castle into a modern-day educational and cultural center.

The Castle’s History

The Castle was first constructed in 1865 by local entrepreneur John S. Newberry. He wanted to create a grand estate that would reflect his success and honor the city of Detroit. The estate was designed by renowned architect Gordon W. Lloyd and was constructed from locally quarried limestone.

The estate was home to a number of prominent Detroiters. It was the site of countless parties and events, and it was even used as a location for the filming of the movie The Great Gatsby in 1974.

The EDH Project

In 2018, the Castle was acquired by Experience Design History. The organization wanted to restore the estate to its former glory and use it as a center for learning and cultural preservation.

The project was funded by donations from local businesses, foundations, and individuals. It took two years to complete, and the result was a beautiful and modernized version of the original estate.

What You Can See at the Castle

The Castle is now open to the public, and there is plenty to see. Visitors can explore the estate’s historic grounds and take in the stunning views of Detroit.

The Castle also has a number of interactive exhibits that are designed to educate visitors about the history of design and architecture. There are interactive displays that explore the science and artistry of building construction, as well as interactive games and activities.

The estate also features a variety of art installations, including a sculpture garden and a virtual reality experience. Visitors can also take part in a number of educational workshops and events.

The EDH Mission

Experience Design History’s mission is to promote the understanding and appreciation of design and architecture. They believe that these disciplines are essential to understanding our world and our place in it.

Through their work at the Castle, EDH is able to share the history of design and architecture with the public. They hope to inspire future generations to appreciate and respect the beauty and complexity of our built environment.

Experience the Castle

The Castle is located in Detroit’s historic Eastern Market neighborhood. It is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, from 10am to 5pm.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the door, and admission is free for children under 12.

So, if you’re looking for a unique way to experience Detroit, be sure to check out the Castle. You won’t be disappointed!

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