Lead Like ‘Braveheart’ in Tough Times: Ben Kinney’s Advice for Agents to Make it Through

Lead Like ‘Braveheart’ in Tough Times: Ben Kinney’s Advice for Agents to Make it Through

The current pandemic has had a profound impact on the real estate industry, and agents are feeling the effects in many ways. From decreased sales to fewer showings, the market has changed significantly and agents are struggling to adjust.

Fortunately, real estate guru Ben Kinney has some advice for agents who are trying to make it through these tough times. In his recent podcast, he offered some tips on how to lead like Braveheart and make it through the pandemic with success.

Assess Your Current Situation

The first step to leading like Braveheart is to assess your current situation. This means taking a hard look at your business and where it stands in the current market. Ask yourself questions such as: What areas of my business are struggling? What areas are doing well? How can I adjust my business to better meet the needs of clients in this new environment?

By evaluating your current situation, you’ll be able to identify areas where you can make changes and improvements. This will help you focus your efforts and come up with solutions that are tailored to the current market.

Adapt and Innovate

Once you’ve assessed your situation, it’s time to start making changes. Ben Kinney suggests that agents should focus on adapting and innovating their business models. This means finding new ways to market and advertise your business, as well as coming up with creative solutions for working with clients in the current environment.

For example, you could explore virtual open houses and online showings to reach potential buyers who may not be able to physically view properties. You could also look into virtual tours and virtual staging services to make properties more appealing to buyers.

By adapting and innovating your business model, you’ll be able to reach new clients and find success in the current market.

Utilize Technology

In order to stay competitive, it’s essential to utilize new technology. From virtual open houses to video conferencing, there are many tools that can help you stay connected with clients and keep your business running smoothly.

Investing in the right technology can save you time, money, and energy. You’ll be able to streamline processes and provide your clients with a better experience. Plus, it will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Build Relationships

Finally, Ben Kinney emphasizes the importance of building relationships. In order to make it through tough times, you need to build strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and other industry professionals.

Focus on providing excellent customer service and developing meaningful connections with people. Reach out to clients to check in and see how they are doing. Connect with colleagues to share ideas and collaborate. Network with other industry professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies.

By building relationships, you’ll be able to better serve your clients and find success in the current market.

Leading like Braveheart may seem like a daunting task, but it’s possible. By assessing your current situation, adapting and innovating your business model, utilizing technology, and building relationships, you can make it through these tough times with success.

Take Ben Kinney’s advice and lead like Braveheart in tough times – you’ll be glad you did.

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