Octagonal Mystery Solved: Washington Home Sells in a Flash!

Octagonal Mystery Solved: Washington Home Sells in a Flash!

Buying and selling real estate can be stressful, especially when a home is a bit of an oddity. But sometimes, that oddity can be a major selling point. Such is the case of a recent sale in Washington state that was a real head-scratcher. The mystery of this octagonal home has finally been solved, and it sold in a flash!

The Unique Shape of the Home

This unusual home, located in Tacoma, Washington, was an octagonal shape. It was built in 1921, which is probably why it was so unique. Back then, octagonal homes were more popular than they are today, but still a rare sight. The home was two stories, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and the octagonal shape was the main attraction.

The odd shape of the home made it difficult to find a buyer. It was on the market for two years and looked like it would never sell. That is, until the new owners took an interest.

The New Buyers Step In

The new buyers, a couple from California, had never seen an octagonal home before. They were intrigued by the shape and decided to take a chance on it. They knew that it was going to need some work, but they were ready to take on the challenge.

The couple knew that the home was going to need some major renovations. They had a plan to restore the home to its original glory, while also making some modern updates. They also knew that the octagonal shape was going to be a major selling point, and they wanted to make sure that they highlighted it in their design.

The Renovations Begin

The couple started their renovations by tearing out all of the old walls and ceilings. This was a major undertaking, as the home had been neglected for quite some time. Once all the old walls and ceilings were out, the couple began to work on the new design.

They wanted to keep the octagonal shape of the home as the focal point, so they decided to paint the walls and ceilings in bright colors to highlight it. They also added some modern touches, such as new light fixtures and appliances.

The Home Is Finally Ready for Sale

Once the renovations were complete, the couple was ready to put the home back on the market. They listed it for the same price that they had paid for it two years prior.

The home sold in a flash! It was only on the market for a few weeks before it was snapped up by a new buyer. The new owner was thrilled with the octagonal shape and the modern updates.

The Octagonal Mystery Solved

The mystery of the octagonal home in Tacoma, Washington has finally been solved. The home sold quickly, thanks to the couple’s hard work and dedication to restoring it to its original glory.

This story is a great example of how a unique home can be a major selling point. It just takes a bit of creativity and a willingness to take on a challenge.

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